Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello, fellow travelers.


I'm Megan.  This is my first post as an official blogger and I would like to say thank you for taking the time to show interest in me and what I have to say.  I wanted to start this blog in order to share my experiences about travel and offer some insider tips and tricks for traveling on a budget and seeing the world for cheap.  I have started a Kick Starter account in order to initially fund my next trip so that I can learn valuable knowledge to share with the rest of you.  This blog will provide information about local eateries, attractions, and lodging.  It will also include tips, and tricks on how to, most importantly, save money on things that you wouldn't normally think of.  For those who have adventure in their hearts and pennies in their pockets, I hope I can be the first source of information for you to go to , in order to help you satisfy your travel craving. 

My blog will consist of the following:
  •  A payment break down of all trips.  Including travel, hotels, food, and souvenirs.
  •  Insider information about how I got my deals and where I found them
  •  Videos and Photos of the places I visit and have visited.
  •  Secret restaurants and local spots that you could only know by word of mouth and not from any website (but mine of course!) 
  • Suggestions about places to go and inspiration from others who have traveled before me. 
 I would like to start off my first post by giving a couple tips to allow anyone to start planning their next trip.
  1. Make relationships -  Your inner circle can be the best key to your success for traveling cheap.  Your family is your family, so their is so shame in asking your uncle to stay at his beach house, or traveling to Europe to stay in your best friend's aunt's villa.  It's also imperative to have the best of friends to bring you to the airport to save on transportation and/or parking for the duration of your trip.  By not driving to the airport you can save an average of $20-$35 a day.  This is a huge portion of a budget and could be spent on other forms of transportation or sweet treats
  2. Transportation: I will give tips on what types of transportation is cheapest and when to use it but here is a huge one...Learn how to drive manual/stick shift car.  This is also where your relationships may come in handy, get a very patient friend or parent to teach you how to drive one.  In almost every other country than America a manual transmission is the standard and it is what is automatically offered when renting a car.  A company can charge up to an additional $40 a day to drive an automatic car.  That is a huge chunk of money and can cause anyone to put a trip on hold because they will go over budget.
This is all for now.  I  will be posting soon about all of the places I have been and will also be giving updates on upcoming trips.  I want to thank you again for stopping by and I can't wait to hear from everyone and turn everyone into travelers like me.

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